Dewayne James



Precious Sylvester

We Are Comfy Art


We, Dewayne and Precious, are delighted about your interest in Comfy Art. Comfy Art originated in January of 2018, in Rochester, NY. It was created with the thought of teaching others how to paint in the comfort of their own home. Everything you will need to recreate your choice of painting will be provided. The best part about booking with Comfy Art is that we come to you. Also, we clean up when the event is over. Lets not forget that you have the option of purchasing desserts for your event. We offer cupcakes, cake pops/bites, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate covered strawberries. Book with us, so you can eat, paint, and make memories.

(585) 355-3312 or

(585) 354-4144

333 Metro Park, M210

Rochetser, NY, 14623

Mon, Tues, Thurs., Fri, 4pm-9pm

Wednesday: Appointments Only

Saturday: 2pm-9pm

Sunday: Closed


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